Fleurette Group

Fleurette Group


The Fleurette Group is a private company that has its headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is involved in resource development, much of which is focused on exploration and mining in Africa, specifically in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Fleurette has many ventures and subsidiaries in the DRC that contribute significantly to the local economy: they are the country’s biggest taxpayer and have facilitated the creation of 30,000 new jobs.

Vision & Approach

The Fleurette Group has a proud and unwavering commitment to the long-term development of the DRC and its communities. The group's entrepreneurial and pioneering drive in resource development provides an opportunity to increase the standard of living for local communities in the countries that it operates in. In addition to job creation in the DRC, Fleurette has also added essential infrastructure, roads, public services, schools and health clinics. This was facilitated through the company's CSR (corporate social responsibility) program along with tax revenues paid to local governments. In 2013 Fleurette’s tax contributions from various groups and subsidiaries totalled $370 million.


Fleurette Properties Limited was established in 2006 as the holding group for the various businesses that make up the Fleurette Group. The Board of Directors and the Strategic Advisory Board oversee global strategic management. The Chairman of the Board is Eles Dobronsky, and the Directors are James Levy, CBE QC and Rob Drieduite. Dan Gertler is the Senior Advisor, and is also the co-founder of the Gertler Family Foundation.

Major Projects

As one of the biggest private companies in the DRC, Fleurette has invested over $1.5 billion into the region while sourcing in excess of $7 billion in investment for the country since 2006.

Cobalt & Copper

Fleurette has interest in two major active copper-cobalt sites in the DRC. The larger Matuanda Mining (MUMI) and Katanga Mining sites are both based in the Katanga area. In 2014 both yielded a combined 365,000 metric tons of copper and 34,000 tons of cobalt.


In partnership with the Government of the DRC, Fleurette is involved in oil exploration at Lake Albert. Seismic testing has confirmed that a possible 3 billion barrels exists while economists have estimated that daily production of 50,000 would boost the DRC economy by up to 25%.


Fleurette is the owner of two gold concessions with excellent large-scale potential and high-grade gold deposits. As part of the SMB joint venture, Fleurette’s sites neighbour one of Africa’s biggest untouched gold projects in the 20 million oz Kibali Gold Project.

Agricultural Projects

Kitoko Food Farm employs around 90 locals, with highly positive projections that the Fleurette-sponsored initiative will become one of the continent's leading agricultural ventures in the future. The farm utilizes the most advanced farming techniques to produce between two and four harvests in a year, using a kibbutz style communal approach.

Corporate Social Responsibility in the DRC

The Fleurette Group has an unwavering commitment towards improving quality of life in communities surrounding its operations in Africa. Among resource companies in the region, the company stands out as a leader in its social focus.
Some of Fleurette’s key initiatives have included helping to build hospitals and schools, while infrastructure projects have enhanced roads, electricity, water and transport in the region. Fleurette invests in initiatives that will drive economic growth and promote stability by meeting the local communities' needs for cleaner water, sustainable fishing and agricultural practices, and preparing and training people for employment.


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